Claremont McKenna College

Working Together

Return to Campus

The College’s plan for safely returning to campus is anchored in three critical priorities: the return of students to a residential, in-person learning and social environment; compliance with, and communication of, evolving public health guidelines; and to promote that all faculty and staff get vaccinated.

Vaccine Imperative  

Vaccinations are still the most important preventive measure. To combat the Delta variant, this imperative has become even more pressing. The exposure risks, health consequences, and additional quarantine requirements for unvaccinated persons are a significant threat to those individuals and our community. We are working to ensure that everyone who is not entitled to an exemption gets fully vaccinated as soon as possible. We are closely monitoring the expected FDA vaccination approval and will make a final determination on the requirement of vaccinations for any remaining unvaccinated staff or faculty at that time. We strongly encourage you to upload your vaccination information into Qualtrics, so the College can verify the information and continue tracking our progress towards 100%.

For staff with questions about the vaccination process at CMC, or who would like to request an exemption, please contact Nyree Gray, chief civil rights officer.

What to Expect

The College is following the 8/6/2021 updated Guidance for COVID-19 Exposure Management in Institutes of Higher Education (IHEs), which governs our campus, and guidance from L.A. County’s Reopening Protocols for Office Worksites. These guidelines continue to evolve, and the College will update our plans accordingly and communicate changes to employees in a timely manner.

Technology Support

Information Technology Services (909) 607-0911 is available to answer technology questions relating to our campus return and in-person work and learning. Faculty should contact the Dean of Faculty’s office with additional needs including clear masks and lapel microphones if needed in the classroom.

Medical Support

Staffed by our medical partners at Hamilton Health Box (HHB), CMC’s on-site clinic supports daily health screening; regular testing required for anyone who is not vaccinated, as well as for anyone reporting symptoms; regular surveillance testing; telemedicine support with an MD; contact tracing; and more. The clinic is located at 654 East Sixth Street (formerly The Children’s School).

For Employees:
Upload Proof of Vaccination/Booster

How To Get a COVID-19 Test