Claremont McKenna College

Our Vaccine Imperative

Vaccination is the best way to restore the full CMC experience and it is our most immediate priority. In anticipation of our return to campus, all students enrolled this coming fall must be fully vaccinated. With vaccines available nationwide to everyone 16 and older, please do everything you can to make your appointments.

The current data on the effectiveness and safety of available vaccines, even against known variants, is extremely encouraging. Recent studies on infection rates in those who have been vaccinated show high protection against severe illness, hospitalization, and death. Vaccinated individuals also are at much lower risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19.

Other advantages to vaccination include: Not being subjected to routine testing by the College; no quarantine requirement for COVID-19 exposure; and being permitted to host small gatherings. CMC will require twice-weekly testing for anyone who remains unvaccinated. We also plan to have limited, infrequent, randomized community testing and sequencing to decipher any unexpected risk of resistant variants.

In the U.S., each State and County has established its own system for availability and distribution. If you live in California, consult the California Department of Public Health’s My Turn site. If you are close to campus, you can reach out to TCCS Student Health Services to learn about upcoming appointments and look out for local, vaccine alert emails from CMC Human Resources. Students may reach out to our DoS staff for help at

If you have any hesitation or concerns about taking the vaccine, please consult your physician or feel free to reach out to our CMC nurse, Shivani Lai, at for confidential advice or access to additional resources.

If you cannot receive the vaccine for documented medical or religious reasons, please contact Nyree Gray, Associate Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion and Chief Civil Rights Officer, at to address any accommodation requests.

For Employees:
Upload Proof of Vaccination/Booster

How To Get a COVID-19 Test