Claremont McKenna College

Our Sustained Financial Planning

Thank you to the entire CMC community who helped us navigate an unprecedented year of financial planning and pivoting. We are especially grateful for the generosity shared through our Employee Assistance Fund, which raised more than $300,000 for furloughed employees who received Phase I grants. We’re pleased to announce that staff furloughs will conclude on June 30, and we look forward to welcoming all employees back to campus for the fall. Other notable restorations include: full benefits on July 1; raise pools for annual increases; and retirement matching and non-salary budget lines, both to pre-pandemic levels.

The College has planned for several contingencies and will be allocating funds for necessary health and safety measures to help with our full return to campus. We have sustained confidence in our financial strength and will always put the highest priority on our students, staff, and families in each financial decision we make.

For Employees:
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