Claremont McKenna College

Our Commitment to Community Health

In addition to our sustained vaccination push, the College will continue to partner with Hamilton Health Box doctors, nurses, and experts for a full implementation of our health and safety program in the fall. This will include using Qualtrics for daily online health screenings; the use of contract tracing and vaccination tracking for the community; twice-weekly testing for those who remain unvaccinated; employing quarantine and isolation spaces when needed; monitoring new information about vaccine boosters; and requiring masking and social distancing per Los Angeles County Department of Public Health guidance.

The College will initiate frequent daily cleanings in high-traffic spots, while closely monitoring air circulation on campus, including the upgrade of our HVAC filters. The College’s COVID-19 planning and response team will stay in close touch with L.A. County officials on best practices as we gradually bring our community back to campus.

For Employees:
Upload Proof of Vaccination/Booster

How To Get a COVID-19 Test