Claremont McKenna College

Innovating Together

Over this past year, the College innovated in the face of numerous contingencies in order to improve campus operations and adapt to future, evolving challenges. We plan to maximize these capabilities in the fall across the College.

As we benefit greatly from phenomenal California weather, one of our foremost leverage points will be to use the outdoors as much as possible for meetings, gatherings, and classes. New food trucks, designated outdoor eating spaces, and delivery apps for the Hub also will serve as convenient alternatives to indoor dining while still promoting social interaction.

Similarly, we will draw upon our best Zoom and technology practices from the past academic year and provide important outlets for guest teaching, one-on-one tutorials, and external meetings and collaborations. The College will further explore asynchronous options should a student or professor be precluded from attending class for health or other reasons outside of their control. We will continue to be nimble, invest in key campus technologies, and adapt to any necessary restrictions or personal challenges.

For Employees:
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