Claremont McKenna College

Important Updates and Reminders on Spring Semester

Dear CMC Students,

We want to provide some updates and reminders regarding the spring semester. Although COVID-19 case rates in LA County have and are expected to continue to increase over the next 4 weeks, the Department of Public Health announced Wednesday that it has no plans to advise colleges to move online.

We do expect new guidelines related to masking, testing, and socializing. CMC’s faculty and senior administrators are meeting this week and next week to discuss any adjustments needed to our academic, residential, and co-curricular programs in response to public health conditions and guidelines. As of today, please note:

  1. CMC, along with the other 5Cs, will start the semester in residence as scheduled.
  2. Accordingly, CMC students will move back to Claremont in advance of the start of classes, as planned, on January 16-17.
  3. CMC and the other 5Cs are considering a wide range of adaptations in the early phases of our return to campus to ensure the health and safety of our Claremont community.

Given these broad commitments, please keep the following in mind:

  • CMC’s college housing will open for move-in on Sunday, January 16 at 11:00 AM as scheduled. Students are expected to move-in on January 16-17 so we can start testing and establish our Claremont Colleges’ baselines more quickly.
  • Winter student-athletes are back and there are no adjustments being made to the return dates for spring student-athletes, nor students scheduled to return early for resident assistant training, Soll Center treks, or other pre-approved reasons.
  • At check-in, all students must show a negative PCR test result taken within 72 hours of their arrival on campus.
  • Students who recently tested positive for COVID-19, should send that test result to so Hamilton Health Box can advise them on whether they will be able to show a negative test result and when they can resume regular testing at CMC.
  • All students currently living in college housing are being testing weekly.
  • Booster shots are required for all students by January 15. The portal to upload proof of vaccine will be active by January 5.
  • Any short-term, temporary changes in modality (i.e., Zoom) that are made by any of the colleges will be communicated to all students so they can plan accordingly.
  • Students should anticipate restrictions on social gatherings for the first few weeks of the semester as we get our baseline negative rates established. We cannot risk a massive outbreak that will overextend our isolation housing. We may also require twice weekly testing if recommended by our medical team in mid-January.
  • 5C dining will still be re-evaluated in early February as was promised in December. It is likely that we will move as much food service outside as possible for the first two weeks of the semester to reduce transmission while we establish our negative test baselines.

Will be back in touch soon and will schedule student town hall meetings via zoom the week of January 10, prior to most students’ return. Please feel free to send questions or comments our way.

Take good care,

DT and Sharon

Dianna “DT” Graves, Ph.D.
Assoc. Vice President and Dean of Students
Claremont McKenna College
500 E. Ninth St.
Claremont, CA 91711