Claremont McKenna College

Temporary Furloughs:

Staff have remained fully employed and paid over the past nine months. However, as we indicated in October, the protracted closure of our residential program triggers part- and full-time furloughs for 127 staff members. We will continue to provide health and tuition benefits for our furloughed staff. Staff are also eligible to apply for state unemployment compensation benefits.

To further mitigate the economic impact on staff and their families, we also have raised over $700,000 from our generous trustees, alumni, and parents as part of a CMC Employee Assistance Fund administered by America’s Charities. Both fully and partially furloughed staff who complete a simple application process, and who meet the criteria for demonstrated financial hardship, will receive a tax-free cash grant of $3,000 in January. All eligible, full-time furloughed staff may apply for an additional $3,000 in a second round of grant funding in April. CMC community members may make additional contributions to the Fund.

When do furloughs begin?

Because we cannot reopen with students on campus for the spring semester 2021, furloughs will begin on December 20, 2020. While we do not know for sure, we expect furloughs to be temporary and last through June 30, 2021, with an anticipated return to work date of July 1, 2021, with an expectation that we will be on campus next fall.

Which departments are affected?

The departments most affected by the temporary furloughs are those that provide services when students are on campus. The following departments will see furloughs, full-time, part-time or both:

  • Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation
  • Center for Global Education
  • Collins Dining Hall
  • Facilities and Campus Services
  • International Place
  • Kravis Leadership Institute
  • Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum
  • Office of College Events
Are the furloughs full or partial?

There are full-time furloughs in which employee hours are reduced by 100% and part-time furloughs where employees’ hours are reduced by between 25% and 50%. Those furloughed, either full or part-time, remain employees of the College.

Are furloughed employees eligible for unemployment benefits?

Furloughed employees may be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits. CMC does not determine the amount of unemployment benefits that employees are eligible to receive. More information regarding unemployment insurance benefits and other resources available for workers who have been impacted by furloughs is available at:

Are furloughed employees able to keep medical and dental benefits?

Yes, the College will continue to provide furloughed employees medical, dental, vision, and employee assistance plan benefits and cover the employee contribution of such benefits through July 1, 2021. In addition, in order to minimize the impact of the temporary furlough, CMC will pay the employee contribution of elected benefits through June 30, 2021, and employees will not be required to reimburse the college.

Will tuition remission benefits remain in place for full or partial furloughed employees?

Yes, employees are still eligible for tuition remission benefits if they are on a full or part-time furlough. The furlough will not stop the two-year clock for eligibility.

Are furloughed employees still covered with Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefits?

Yes, our EAP will continue to provide up to five free mental health counseling sessions per issue, for employees and their dependents.

How Can I Help?

CMC community members are encouraged to contribute to the Fund. Your gift will go directly to furloughed members of our community and all donations to the fund are tax deductible. CMC is committed to continuous, innovative support for our employees during this unprecedented time, your support will have a significant impact on our community now — and into the future.

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