Claremont McKenna College

Faculty and Staff

We are committed to continuous, innovative support for our faculty and staff. We have put maximum effort into all forms of support, including pedagogy, technology, and medical, to ensure continuity of work.

Pedagogy Support

CMC faculty have taken advantage of enhanced educational technology, training, and one-on-one coaching for teaching, research, and student engagement in a virtual world. Many faculty have changed their pedagogies to include more small group discussions; invited speakers from academics, policy, and industry; research projects; one-on-one meetings; and other innovations.

This semester we’re offering:

• funding for faculty to invite outside speakers into their spring courses
• enhanced support for teaching assistants to help run online classes
• new funding for small project or seminar courses in faculty research areas.

Technology Support

The College continues its commitment to provide staff and faculty with the technology required to work remotely. To assist faculty with course restructuring, our IT office has made available enhanced technology to support a range of course innovations and the training needed to use it well. The College also provides ergonomic evaluations for remote workstations for faculty and staff.

Medical Support

On-site medical support for faculty and staff includes a clinic dedicated to testing, with rapid results within 24 to 48 hours, tech-supported contact tracing, and case management (see video to prepare for self-swab testing).   Rigorous, mandatory daily, app-supported health screening protocol and health and safety guidelines remain in place for any members of the CMC community, and visitors, who come to campus. Please see the College’s comprehensive COVID-19 Strategic Response Plan.

Vaccination Resource Guide

CMC highly encourages vaccines for all community members who can safely receive one.  Please access the Vaccination Resource Guide for information and available resources to assist you to locate and schedule a COVID-19 vaccination.  Please consult with your medical provider to confirm if you have underlying medical conditions that should be considered before receiving the COVID-19. 

Vaccination Resource Guide

Employee Assistance Fund

Staff have remained fully employed and paid over the past nine months. However, as we indicated in October, the protracted closure of our residential program triggers part- and full-time furloughs for 127 staff members. We will continue to provide health and tuition benefits for our furloughed staff. Staff are also eligible to apply for state unemployment compensation benefits.

To further mitigate the economic impact on staff and their families, we also have raised over $700,000 from our generous trustees, alumni, and parents as part of a CMC Employee Assistance Fund administered by America’s Charities. Both fully and partially furloughed staff who complete a simple application process, and who meet the criteria for demonstrated financial hardship, will receive a tax-free cash grant of $3,000 in January. All eligible, full-time furloughed staff may apply for an additional $3,000 in a second round of grant funding in April. CMC community members may make additional contributions to the Fund.

Visiting Campus

Register your visitor here:

CMC Faculty and Staff may also register a visitor with the Human Resources Office by completing the Visitor Registration Form. Once the form is submitted, the Human Resources Office will follow up with your registered visitor with instructions on their next steps prior to coming to campus. Please submit this form at least 48 hours prior to their visit.

Employee Assistance Fund

For Employees:
Upload Proof of Vaccination/Booster