Claremont McKenna College

Community Resources and Financial Mitigation

In each financial decision CMC makes, we continue to put the highest priority on our students and their families. We have sustained confidence in our financial strength and the fullest support for our community. Some of the ways we have addressed this include:

  • Increased financial aid to mitigate COVID-19 impacts on students and families
  • Need-based monetary allowances for housing and meals
  • No increase in tuition and continuity of all matriculation policies, including those on transfer credits
  • Significant investments in technology and advanced instructional design
  • Responsible limits on hiring, salaries, and spending
  • Targeted budget cuts and other mitigation efforts
  • Employee Assistance Fund for furloughed staff

We also continue to build our community resources with leading health experts and government representatives. President Chodosh is a member of the L.A. County Public Health Higher Education Working Group, and we are in touch with peer institutions and experts throughout the nation and globally. These discussions are ongoing.

Closer to home, CMC maintains relationships with three local health institutions serving the Claremont area: Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, San Antonio Regional Hospital, and Montclair Hospital Medical Center.

Employee Assistance Fund

For Employees:
Upload Proof of Vaccination/Booster